At TO DO TODAY, we strongly believe that workforce and workplace strategies intertwine. Where and how we work and live has an impact on wellbeing. Wellbeing influences performance and engagement.

We are the powerhouse of inclusion

We recognize that behind each talent is a unique person. For our corporate clients we design service programs that cater to individual needs and provide new opportunities for people to come together around shared values and interests.

Our on-site and virtual programs improve work-life integration, promote well-being, increase employee engagement and provides useful data on the needs of different mindsets and generations.

We decommoditize real estate

From programming to operating, we design amenities and events programs for our real estate clients that differentiate and bring value to their commercial, residential, retail and mixed-use properties.

We partner with the largest landlords to create signature buildings, rethink traditional building organization and create a sense of community and belonging among tenants.

Fully customized

The content of the program, the number of dedicated service team, the mix between on-site / mobile / digital delivery, the operating budget, are established according to a thorough review of your demographics, location, competitive benchmarks and overall objectives.

Our recommendations draw on the intelligence and data we have acquired over the past 16 years, serving over 50,000 people daily at 80 client sites in 3 countries. Detailed reporting allows precise management of the program and its evolution.