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At TO DO TODAY we believe that only a holistic approach to people’s needs can truly serve your purpose: attract and retain the best people, by providing a great new work/life experience.

This is why we create customized programs, that include concierge, wellness and engagement services, to address the needs of all profiles and mindsets. Ours is a unique approach, because we adapt to your personality as a company or a landlord, while building on our state-of-art, fully integrated HR and technology platform.

Founded in 2001, TO DO TODAY is running over 80 service programs in France, Switzerland and the United States.
We remain the undisputed leader in our field because…

We yield high results. Over 50% of target population use our services on a recurring basis. Women and millennials are early-adopters. Our corporate clients find that we help them increase employee engagement, reduce turnover and enrich workplace experience. Our landlord clients find that properties equipped with our services lease faster, at higher rents.

Innovation is in our DNA. Throughout our 16 years journey, we have launched the first corporate concierge program, the first multi-tenant/ multi-service offer for commercial, residential and retail assets, the first neighborhood concierge service, the first program including people with disabilities…
Our new digital platform, launched in the summer of 2017 offers new, unique possibilities, partnering with the most innovative start-ups and offering cutting edge community management capabilities.


Stéphanie Cardot


Stéphanie started her career as Manager of Community Relations and International Business Development at Deloitte New York before Co-founding Alice Auctions in 2000 and To Do Today in 2001

She is very active in women matters and promoting female entrepreneurship in particular. She is a member of Dell’s Women entrepreneur network and an active contributor to the global Summit of Women. And was in May 2015 awarded, the National Order of Merit by the French government for her contribution to the advancement of women.

Jacques Manardo

CO-FOUNDER & board member

Jacques has over 40 years’ experience in the Service industry.

He dedicated much of his career to the internatonal development of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Global Managing Partner/ MNC Clients).Board member of FIAF /L Alliance Française in New-York.

Board Member of Humans Rights Watch France.

Jaques Manardo

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