Our customized service programs power your workforce and workplace strategies.
With TO DO TODAY, your people can Live Fully. Our on-site teams and digital platform provide new opportunities for A Life Freed from Constraints, A Life in Top Shape and A Life of Engagement

Outstanding clients that keep challenging us, every step of the way​

Among our clients:


Because each client is unique, our programs are tailored to provide you with a solution that will be a long-lasting differentiator.

At TO DO TODAY, we know that success requires both great ideas and outstanding delivery capabilities. This is why we are a fully-integrated service provider and not an aggregator.

Impeccable teams.

Our concierges, beauticians, hairdressers… are all on our payroll. We recruit, train and retain the best.

Impeccable delivery process.

A state-of-the art, fully secured, IT system.
We are certified ISO 9001 v2008. We are your sole service provider and bear direct liability for all our services, even those provided by third-parties.

A wide array of services.

We evolve constantly to bring you new services and features before you even know you need them!


At TO DO TODAY there is constantly something new going on, check in our latest news here.

Concierges (H/F)

You manage the customer relationship and are in charge of the financial management. You follow your goals of turnover and margins. You establish monthly activity

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Certification ISO 9001

Au terme du processus d’audit ISO par la société @SGS, nous sommes très fiers de vous informer que cette année encore, et comme depuis 2006,

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